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Consultation supported by the CNS:

  • Balance sheet  1 hour: €102.18

Initial consultation with anamnesis for a dietary diagnosis. 

This first consultation allows us to discuss all the information necessary for care.​

  • Nutritional plan 1h30: €127.73

Consultation for delivery of documents and implementation ​

  • Follow-up consultation 45 min: €63.86

Frequency of monthly monitoring

Private consultation

  • 1 hour assessment: €90                                                                                                               

  • Nutritional plan 1h15: €100

  • 45min follow-up: €60

*In the case of a consultation not covered by the CNS, you can request coverage from your complementary health insurance.

The Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM) has reimbursed dietetics since January 1, 2024.

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