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Micronutrition is an approach to nutrition that aims to optimize health and well-being through personalized diet andadapted to the needsin micronutrients of each individual.

Micronutrients are molecules essential to the proper functioning of the body, such asvitamins, THEminerals, THEantioxidants, THEFatty acids, THE probiotics, etc.

Micronutrition is a personalized and global therapy that takes into account the link betweenfood, therehealth and theprevention, and which respects diversity and singularityof each individual.

By adapting the diet specifically to each individual according to their needs, it plays a role in good health and the prevention of diseases, it allows us to optimize the functions of the body in order to regain dynamism, well-being and to fight against infections.


The impact resonates especially in our microbiota, considered the second brain of the human body where good health is essential to the rest of the body and the management of absorbed nutrients.

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