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Conditions of support by the CNS


In order to benefit from health insurance coverage, the prescription must indicate:

  • the code or wording of the nomenclature relating to the prescribed acts;

  • the pathology(ies) justifying the coverage of dietary care, according to the coding provided for in Appendix E of the CNS statutes;

  • where applicable, the precise number of consultations

The CNS only covers initial dietary treatment per pathology every three years.  Each initial treatment can, upon medical prescription, be extended once.

Prolongation of dietary treatment is only covered:

  • whether the initial treatment is completed;

  • if less than three years have passed since the start of the initial treatment. Beyond this period, a new initial treatment may be requested.   

Validation of the prescription and title of support​:

The medical prescription must be validated with the CNS. This validation must be requested within 90 days of issuance of the order. Through this validation, the CNS issues a support document which guarantees coverage of services under statutory conditions.

  • Request for validation by the dietitian: If the insured person presents the medical prescription directly to the dietitian, the latter enters the information appearing on the prescription in specialized software and transmits it to the CNS within the prescribed deadline.

  • Request for validation by the insured: If the insured requests validation, he or she must send the original medical prescription by post to the CNS within the prescribed deadline.

​-->see the pathologies treated:

Payment method:

  • Third-party payment system (if the dietician has made the request)

Under the third-party payment system, the insured person pays the dietitian only the part they are responsible for (the part which is not reimbursed by health insurance), the CNS takes care of the rest directly.


  • Advance of costs (if the insured has made the request)

In this case, the dietitian presents at the end of the treatment an invoice to the insured person showing the total amount to be paid, that is to say the part payable by health insurance as well as any part payable by the 'assured. After payment, the insured person requests reimbursement of the share of the health insurance from their competent fund (CNS or public sector health fund).

Support rate:

The acts and services listed in the dietitian nomenclature are covered at a rate of 88%, provided that these acts are prescribed to a person who presents one of the pathologies provided for in Appendix E of the statutes.

By way of derogation, the coverage rate is 100% when the insured has not reached the age of 18 on the date the order is issued.

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